startup investing with leading european vcs

05th June 2017

9:00 AM – 18:00 PM



The Investors Academy is an immersive, full-day program prepared by top, national and international, investors and venture capitalists. We offer attendees the unique chance to learn best practices, share first-hand experiences, and receive concrete content to help define and boost future investment roadmap.


Dave Haynes
Dave HaynesInvestment Team
Rodrigo Martinez
Rodrigo MartinezEarly Stage Tech Investor
Point Nine Capital
Pedro Rocha Vieira
Pedro Rocha VieiraFounder and CEO at Beta-i
Managing Partner LC Ventures
Ricardo Sequerra
Ricardo SequerraEarly Stage Investor
Cherry Ventures
Cristina Fonseca
Cristina FonsecaCo-founder & Angel Investor
Luís Roquette Geraldes
Luís Roquette GeraldesLawyer & Senior Associate
Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados
Alex Hoye
Alex HoyeCo-founder
Runway East


The Investors Academy is designed for aspiring angels and investor who would like to learn more about early-stage startup investment together with like-minded investors.


The Investors Academy is designed and curated by experts in the field. Through a mix of direct and straight-to-the point sessions, the audience participates continuously, as the program encourages sharing of relevant knowledge and best practices.

Investment lifecycle

Understand the entire lifecycle of startup funding and its correlation to startup growth.
Identify the particularities of startup investment forms versus other forms of traditional investment.

The different forms of investments

Learn about the different forms of investment and new investment trends.
Understand what type of investment is best suited for a particular round.
Understand why syndicate investing is an excellent choice for angels and first-time investors to maximize their return on investment and reduce risks.

What Series A investors look for

Series A funding is a make it or break it moment for most startups, so what gets investors in these rounds to commit? And what gets them to turn down a deal (broken cap tables, quick exits, problematic previous investors etc.)?

Negotiating agreements

Get a grasp of the current best practices used in the deal making and negotiation process between investor and startup. What’s fair, what is not fair, what can be negotiated and what is the norm and drags, tags, non-dilution, etc.

Building the right relationships with founders

Gain insight into the importance of the investor and founder relationship.
Learn why investors need to engage in portfolio management to help startups grow.

unique networking opportunities

Benefit from unique networking opportunities at theInvestors Academy and the Lisbon Investment Summit to meet potential partner investors and others who can facilitate future exits.


Investor Academy Ticket


  • Meet, Connect & Learn
  • Full day investment workshop with international and national experts
  • Access to exclusive Investors Academy Cocktail (05th June)


Investor Academy Ticket + Lisbon Investment Summit


  • Meet, Connect & Learn
  • Full day investment workshop with international and national experts
  • Access to exclusive Lisbon Investment Summit Dinner (05th June)
  • Access to the Lisbon Investment Summit (6th & 7th June)
  • Access to the Investors only breakfast (6th June)
  • Access to the Investor & startup matching breakfast (7th June)
  • And other unique networking opportunities


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June 6th & 7th 2017